Drug Pricing: it’s the money stupid

Pharmaceutical companies continue to raise prices on hundreds of drugs at rates well over that of inflation, according to a newly released report on drug-pricing data.

Medicynical note: Why? Because they can. And they can because we let them. Highest prices in the world.

Trump: Tax Cuts Benefitted Only the Wealthy

Interesting analysis that outs the tax rate of 400 billionaire families (and indirectly our largest and most successful corporations) vs the rest of us. Guess who pays more thanks to you know who.

Medicynical note: And guess whose incomes benefit most from governments tax revenues through military spending, this administration’s energy policies, intellectual property rights policies, border expenditures, agriculture support payments, health care and drug policies, Middle East adventures and tariff wars (etc, etc, etc) ?

Answer: Those who benefitted most from the Trump tax cuts–the largest corporations and the wealthiest citizens whether by inheritance or investment. They get more and pay less.

And guess who benefits least from Trumpism?

Answer: The Trump administration wants to increase taxes on the middle income and below tax payers by cutting the safety net (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, etc) and simply ignoring their health care needs? They benefit least and get to pay more.

American Exceptionalism again.

Incompetence Personified, Trump and the Kurds

He can’t help it. His ego leads him to the worst possible choice again……and again. .

“This was never going to be an easy situation to wind down, but there were certainly ways to do it without destroying America‚Äôs reputation as a reliable ally. As of today, however, it looks like that ship has sailed.”

Medicynical note: A peach colored bull in a china shop. Bumbling around almost at random without understanding long-standing relationships and previous commitments and, yes, debts. A not so slowly evolving foreign policy disaster. But then, he is the master of everything. (Sic)

I’m Sorry to Say: 70 is not the new 50

Perhaps the delusion is over.

Medicynical note: Bernie is an exceptionally vigorous 78 year old. His run for the presidency has been filled with all manner of promises, unrealistic but attractive, that have captured the imagination of many who haven’t bothered to calculate the costs. He now has little or no chance for the nomination. He represented Trump’s best chance for re-election. The same might also be said for Elizabeth Warren whose plans also seem as pie in the sky and unrealistic as Bernie’s–maybe a tad closer to reality. But IMHO they don’t pass the smell test. Meanwhile Biden, undeniably a nice guy with a sap sucking son bumbles along. And Trump at age 73 continues to play his role of ultra-conservative delusional, pseudo-religionist, misogynist with large intellectual deficits that he tries to cover-up with aggression and juvenile nastiness.

So the best the Democrats can do against Trump is three somewhat flawed aged front running candidates in the most crucial U.S. presidential election in our history. Can’t we do better?……..

Bye Bye Bernie

I certainly hope for a full recovery but he like Biden and Warren is older than any other candidate who has ever run for a first term as President.

FYI Trump was just 70 when elected. Warren would be 71 if elected. The oldest prior to them was Reagan who was 69 on his election. From our experience elderly presidents’ health and mental status is a real and challenging problem.

Medicynical note: Anybody but Trump.

He Lies Because that’s What He Does

He lies

Medicynical note: His inability to differentiate between truth and self promoting fiction, i.e. his incompetence, is reason enough to impeach. He is a national disgrace.

Saudi Arabia Takes Over U.S. Department of Defense

Saudi Arabia has said that US patience with Iran is not inexhaustible and warned that military options are still being considered following the attack on the Aramco oil facilities earlier this month.

Medicynical note: Who is in charge here? The government of fifteen 9/11 hijackers? The government that murdered a respected U.S. based journalist? Who?