Bye Bye Bernie

I certainly hope for a full recovery but he like Biden and Warren is older than any other candidate who has ever run for a first term as President.

FYI Trump was just 70 when elected. Warren would be 71 if elected. The oldest prior to them was Reagan who was 69 on his election. From our experience elderly presidents’ health and mental status is a real and challenging problem.

Medicynical note: Anybody but Trump.

He Lies Because that’s What He Does

He lies

Medicynical note: His inability to differentiate between truth and self promoting fiction, i.e. his incompetence, is reason enough to impeach. He is a national disgrace.

Saudi Arabia Takes Over U.S. Department of Defense

Saudi Arabia has said that US patience with Iran is not inexhaustible and warned that military options are still being considered following the attack on the Aramco oil facilities earlier this month.

Medicynical note: Who is in charge here? The government of fifteen 9/11 hijackers? The government that murdered a respected U.S. based journalist? Who?

No competition: Trump’s Worldwide Retreat.

“With time, however, the Withdrawal Doctrine is undermining the administration’s commitment to deter and contain Russia. Nowhere is this contradiction more clearly on display than in Africa. The Trump administration’s reduced engagement on the African continent has created new opportunities for Russia to move in. As the United States withdraws some troops from Africa, and signals indifference to African affairs more generally, the Kremlin has dramatically and dangerously stepped up its military and commercial dealings across the continent.”

“The contrast between Washington and Moscow’s focus on Africa is stark. Trump’s assault on diplomacy and development programs has left U.S. embassies short-staffed and in policy limbo. This is true globally, but Africa-related work has been especially hard-hit and appointments extremely slow in coming. Amazingly, South Africa — a regional leader with the second-largest economy on the continent — has been without a U.S. ambassador since Trump took office. Trump has had little interaction with African leaders and little to say about the region (with the notable exception of his reference to African states as “shithole countries,” a comment that continues to reverberate across the continent).”

Medicynical note: Trump’s ignorance manifested by his racism and fealty to such dictators as Putin, Kim and Egypt’s el-Sisi undercuts our foreign policy objectives of encouraging democracy and aiding emerging nations towards stable democratic governments. Trump really isn’t smart enough to give a damn.

The $12,000 Hangover.

Why? Because it’s America and because they can.

Medicynical note: A $7,644 facility fee and an over $12,000 bill for a nurse evaluation, two bottles of saline IV and a less than 1 hour visit. American healthcare isn’t.

Trump’s Deficit…….and Not the Intellectual One

Deficit, not my department, implies bankruptcy maven Donald Trump after achieving the milestone of a trillion dollar deficit while claiming the “best” economy ever. This can’t end well. Ask his partners in his six previous bankruptcies.

“President Donald Trump, who promised during the 2016 campaign to eliminate the federal debt, has instead overseen a dramatic increase in deficits.”

Medicynical note: in his rush to outdo the Obama administration Trump has succeeded…… doubling the annual budget spending debt in just three years. Quite an accomplishment. One that our children and grandchildren will have the honor of paying back. Trump has indeed succeeded in running the government like his previous bankrupted businesses.

Money buys ACCESS : America’s lubricant

Even Bill Gates can be bought.

“On Monday, CNBC reported that Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates met with late financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2013 after Epstein “unleashed an aggressive lobbying campaign” to secure that meeting. In an interview published on Tuesday, Gates offered his explanation of why to the Wall Street Journal: Epstein knew a lot of rich people!”

Medicynical note: Bill, the issue is not that there were only men present or that you didn’t partake in his crimes but rather that you had anything at all to do with this monster. Money in America is the universal lubricant.