Trump’s Absurd Conspiracy Theory

Jeffrey Epstein apparently committed suicide rather than face trial. But our psychopath president had other ideas.

“Hours after Epstein’s death Saturday, as the hashtag #EpsteinMurder was trending worldwide on Twitter, the president joined Twitter speculation around Epstein’s death while under the federal government’s watch.”

“Trump, who rose to conservative prominence by falsely claiming Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., retweeted unsubstantiated claims about Epstein’s death.”

“Other politicians also took to social media to question the circumstances.”

Medicynical Note: So while under the watchful eye of the Trump administration’s Justice Department; in a facility under the supervision of Trump appointee Attorney General William Barr, Epstein was, it is speculated, actually murdered. By whom? Trump and his acolytes accuse and blame everybody but themselves. Senseless, but that’s what the world has learned to expect from this erratic, dangerous, incompetent President, his associates and the sad sack republicans.

The Leader of the Free World…….ISN’T

Trump, in addition, to undermining the EU, has alienated Turkey, failed to eradicate ISIS, undermined any future Israel/Palestine peace prospects, pulled out of the Iran Nuclear deal, passively accepted the murder of a US journalist by Saudi Arabia, abrogated the Trans Pacific Partnership, criticized South Korea while praising North Korea, slapped tariffs on our closest and best friends, voided our participation in family planning schemes around the world, and denied human caused global warming in the face of overwhelming proof. As such his policies are perfect for undermining US influence and friends around the world and have indirectly helped Russia increase its influence around the world.

And now this

Medicynical note: Trumps deal-making gut feelings have been a disaster for America’s standing in the world. He’s slowly stripping away our long term friends while touting his ersatz close relationship with Kim and Putin.

De Vos the Poster Girl of Educational Mediocrity

“Dream Center Education Holdings, a subsidiary of a Los Angeles-based megachurch, had no experience in higher education when it petitioned the federal Education Department to let it take over a troubled chain of for-profit trade schools. “

“But the organization’s chairman, Randall K. Barton, told the education secretary, Betsy DeVos, that the foundation wanted to “help people live better lives.” “

“The purchase was blessed despite Dream Center’s lack of experience and questionable finances by an administration favorable to for-profit education. Barely a year later, the company tumbled into insolvency, dozens of its colleges closed abruptly and thousands of students were left with no degree after paying tens of thousands of dollars in tuition. ( Included in the closures was the Art Institute of Seattle. )”

Medicynical note: Most Trump cabinet members either have dedicated their careers and lives to undermining the goals of their department and/ or are uniquely incompetent. DeVos is a sad amalgamation of both.

Capitalist Medicine’s Goal is Profit not Patient Care

Cancer patients denied medication by pharmacy, over ruling physician.

“But that insurance didn’t ensure Smith would get the drugs she needed when facing CVS Specialty Pharmacy– the pharmacy their insurance required them to use. Cancer drugs prescribed by Smith’s oncologist were denied because they didn’t follow the standard protocol sequence of medications that Smith’s pharmacy benefit manager, CVS Caremark, had in their guidelines.”

“That means pharmacy benefit managers have the authority to trump a doctor’s medical judgment without seeing patients or knowing their full medical history, and without accountability for the consequences of what happens to sick people.”

Medicynical note: What’s better, an unaccountable bureaucrat whose main job is to limit expenditures of a for profit entity or the system employed by Medicare which almost always approves cancer meds after the FDA review of their efficacy. In capitalist medicine the primary goal and fiduciary responsibility of the CEO is improved earnings and share price for stockholders….NOT improved outcomes for patients.

Guess who pays for the Trump tax cuts?

As expected the people who benefitted least from the Trump cut get to pay for it.

Medicynical note: This government’s policy emphasis and indeed it’s huge tax cut bill was aimed at protecting and increasing the profits of the biggest businesses, the largest farm corporations, all defense contractors and the wealthiest individuals. Thus it comes as no surprise and without irony that the people who benefitted least are now asked to cover the trillions in deficit spending created by that cut.

Think he’s a Psychopath?

Take this test for him. Ted Buddy scored a 39,

These are the psychopaths, and as with any mental disorder, there are characteristics that define it. The most common way of detecting whether a person is a psychopath is by using The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R), which is a diagnostic tool, set to determine if someone is on the psychopathy spectrum.

To score the test, participants read a series of statements that describe certain traits and rate them accordingly.

0 = does not apply, 1 = applies somewhat, 2 = definitely applies.

The highest score anyone can achieve is 40. In the US, if someone rates over 30 in the test, they are considered to be psychopathic, but in the UK, it is only over 25.

Here are the 20 traits on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist

  1. Do you sense you are someone extremely important?
  2. Would you say you need constant stimulation?
  3. Do you find pleasure in manipulating people?
  4. Would you lie in order to get your own way?
  5. Do you never say sorry?
  6. Are you known to be charming and persuasive?
  7. Would you agree you show little emotion?
  8. Are you incapable of feeling empathy for others?
  9. Are you in and out of relationships all the time?
  10. Do you have a promiscuous sex life?
  11. Are you impulsive and live for the moment?
  12. Are you known for behaving irresponsibly?
  13. Do you fail to accept responsibility for your actions?
  14. Is it right to get as much as you can from other people?
  15. Is it hard to control your behaviour?
  16. Did you display early behaviour problems?
  17. Do you lack long-term goals?
  18. Do you have a history of juvenile delinquency?
  19. Have you ever had your parole or bail revoked?
  20. Are you known for committing many different criminal acts?

Medicynical note: Trump by my assessment is about a 30. Where do you rate him. He’s at least a psychopath in Britain and here as well (borderline) and he’s also our President. Sad and amazing.

Everything for sale: ethics, reputation and yes our soul

“Prince Mohammed, who is 33, became Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader in 2017, when he was named crown prince by his ailing father, King Salman. He was in the midst of an American tour and had already been to the White House to meet President Trump, who said, as they sat together in the Oval Office, that they had become “very good friends over a fairly short period of time.” The president thanked the prince for what he said was the kingdom’s order of billions of dollars of American-made military hardware. “That’s peanuts to you,” he quipped.”

“From Cambridge, Prince Mohammed’s travels would take him to California, where he rented the entire 285-room Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills and was the guest of honor at a dinner hosted by Rupert Murdoch and attended by numerous entertainment-industry grandees. In Silicon Valley, he met with Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple, and other tech executives; in Seattle, he met with Jeff Bezos, the Amazon chief executive. Saudi Arabia was already an investor in Uber through its sovereign wealth fund, which is controlled by the crown prince, and Prince Mohammed was negotiating to buy a stake in Endeavor, the Hollywood conglomerate that includes the WME talent agency and the Ultimate Fighting Championship business.”