Ground Hog Day: Again and Again and Again and Again……. Only in America

According to the Supreme Court murder and mayhem were the founders desire. This happens again and again and again only in the United States of America. Every other industrialized country seems to understand that it’s not the doors or mental health or high criminality or not enough hopes and prayers. It’s the guns and everyone knows it

Medicynical Note: Families devastated, lives lost and the Republican Party is concerned only with voiding any limit to gun ownership. Every day again and again and again until we get it right.

The murder abetting Republican dominated Conservative Supreme Court sits above it all with some members in hiding because someone near their homes might be legally carrying a weapon or because of their own personal, open for all to see, corruption (yes Justice Thomas, you). They blame it all on the slave owning founders. Amazing what has become of the once civil society of America.

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