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Harlan Crow and “Friend$hip,” Judicial Ethic$— The new Oxymorons

When I was a government employee we were instructed to avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest. At that time we couldn’t even accept payment for a meal, much less vacations and monetary gifts of any kind.

So it without risk of contradiction to say that there is an order of magnitude difference between the situation Justice Thomas and other Supreme Court Justices and the long accepted norms noted above.

Crow, after providing support in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to a sitting Supreme Court Justice (Thomas) refuses to discuss this relationship.

Medicynical Note: Harlan Crow, didn’t know Justice Thomas before Thomas became a justice. But since that time Thomas and his wife have received direct and indirect monetary payments and other benefits (free private flights and luxurious vacations) from Crow and I would presume others. In dollars Crow’s contributions are valued at over a million dollars.

And just what did Crow receive in return? Yes the citizen’s United decision which Thomas supported allows the Crows and other wealthy individuals to give unlimited dollars to influence political campaigns (a form of legalized bribery)….. but are monetary gifts to judges bribery? And just how much in contributions and other emollients is bribery? Just where is the line? And how should the recipient behave when his benefactor has business before the court?

In any case, Thomas became a reliable vote for whatever issue Crow considered important….. and also issues that his very politically active wife (who also received payments) supported. Should Thomas have recused himself from some these contentious cases?— he didn’t.

Just how corrupt is the current Supreme Court? Are judicial ethics a new disgraceful oxymoron?

Groundhog Day— Again and Again and Again

Every day or two in America another mass killing.

Medicynical Note: Anyone think this is what the founders had in mind? The compromised Republican conservative Supreme Court justices apparently do.

These justices sit at home under police protection from demonstrators. Because the demonstrators have access all manner of weapons…… a situation that the court itself facilitated.

Ironic? Or just pathetic?

Only in America—

This is the sad confluence of guns everywhere, Texas, and the Supreme Court’s abortion decision.

A violent man. This woman had previously “reiterated that she is scared of the suspect because he had made threats to harm her family and her children,” according to the affidavit”

Medicynical Note: Who knows why the existential anger. She was going to have to bear responsibility for the pregnancy. How many children did she previously have? We’re there complications from previous pregnancies? Could she manage the complications of parenthood and a continuing relationship with an obviously deranged angry man? Was this the consequences of rape? Texas obviously doesn’t care. And it’s really none of our business but thanks to the Supreme Court and the Texas legislature………… it’s murder.

And the conservative members of the Supreme Court sit above it all accepting payments from supporters and at times ignoring conflicts of interest with their “donor’s” interests. (dear personal friends, of course). They demand protection at their homes because of demonstrators who might possibly be legally carrying guns that they have made available to everyone everywhere. America’s murderous “freedom.”

Legalizing Murder….. it’s Texas

An army sergeant, working as an Uber driver, shot a man who carrying a rifle. The driver claimed he felt threatened and said the guy lifted his rifle. A claim denied by other witnesses.

During the trial “Prosecutors presented some of Perry’s messages and social media comments in the weeks before. Among them: “I might have to kill a few people on my way to work, they are rioting outside my apartment complex” and “I might go to Dallas to shoot looters.””

He was convicted by a unanimous vedict. But Governor Abbot thinks he knows better.

Medicynical Note: In America a once “conservative” political faction has legalized murder…… Texas again.

Again….and Again…..and….. Again…. and…. Again

Medicynical note: America leads the world in murders.

We used to lead the world in innovation, education, and technology. We did have an original-sin problem with racism, but we seemed to be addressing it for a while.

Now we have racists on TV and maybe Twitter. Now we have more guns/capita than anywhere in the world. And now we have more gun deaths, mass shootings, school shootings, gun murders, accidental shootings, gun suicides, shootings of innocents by police and police getting shot etc, etc, etc. America today.

And the Republican Party and Supreme Court and some Democrats, the people who made it all possible. Sit mute. Some hiding from people who might be near their homes legally carrying the weapons that they have made it so so easy to own.

Irony doesn’t exist in America

Groundhog Day in America.…. Guns Everywhere for everyone, what could possibly go wrong?

Only in America, almost every day. Again.

And again.

And again.

Medicynical Note: A lovely Sunday in America. We lead the world in mass shootings, school shootings, accidental gun deaths, gun suicides, gun murders, police shootings, police getting shot, house party shootings, neighbor shootings and shootings of classmates and friends. The living hell of America in the 21st Century.

And the folks who made it all possible, the Alito led conservative Republican appointees on the Supreme Court sit at home afraid that innocent demonstrators near their homes might possibly be legally carrying a gun. Kind of pathetic.

And as in “Groundhog Day” it will happen again and again and again until we get it right.

Ground Hog Day: Again and Again and Again and Again……. Only in America

According to the Supreme Court murder and mayhem were the founders desire. This happens again and again and again only in the United States of America. Every other industrialized country seems to understand that it’s not the doors or mental health or high criminality or not enough hopes and prayers. It’s the guns and everyone knows it

Medicynical Note: Families devastated, lives lost and the Republican Party is concerned only with voiding any limit to gun ownership. Every day again and again and again until we get it right.

The murder abetting Republican dominated Conservative Supreme Court sits above it all with some members in hiding because someone near their homes might be legally carrying a weapon or because of their own personal, open for all to see, corruption (yes Justice Thomas, you). They blame it all on the slave owning founders. Amazing what has become of the once civil society of America.

Santos: A Republican Icon……

It’s hard to believe he’s still in congress. He lied about literally everything during his election campaign and was still elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. This was known at the time of his installation as a member of the house but the Republican leader of the house allowed him to be seated. While somewhat shocking it should not come as a surprise as the leaders of his party regularly suborn perjury and encourage lies whether speaking of the outcome of the 2020 election, the January 6 attempted insurrection, the previous president’s performance, or the causes of the budget deficit.

Medicynical Note: Not only is he still a congressman but he is running for re-election. And the Republican Party………. missing inaction.

“Ground Hog Day” Again : Kentucky Bank Shooting

It will happen again and again and again. I’m beginning to feel like the guy in Groundhog Day. Every day, no matter how they find to excuse it—mental health system, police delays, no metal detectors, open doors, thoughts and prayers — it happens again.

Medicynical Note: Another shooting. A “legally” purchased AR-15 obtained four days earlier by a soon to be fired bank employee. It took one minute to kill 5 people. Also shot in the event were two police. One, a new police recruit, with a life threatening injury.

Kentucky is a state with few limits on gun purchases and open carry. It’s as if they want to facilitate the slaughter. The police, always respond, most times heroically but almost always too late. A front line group the police for some inexplicable reason continue to support guns everywhere for everyone. An insane mind set, but then it’s 21st century America where daily public killings are deemed necessary for “freedom.”

Our conservative Supreme Court members made it all possible following the vague notion of originalism. They seem too busy to concern themselves with the collateral damage and are off on luxury trips around the world with “personal” friends or hiding at home fearful of………. guns.

Tesla….. the China Option

Being a patriot true only to himself Elon decides to bulk up the industrial base and the battery production capacity of…………. China.

Medicynical Note: A citizen of three countries (Canada, South Africa and the the U.S.) Elon, the good capitalist, is only loyal….. to himself. In the midst of the American vs Chinese economic wars he hedges his bets and expands in China. I guess he doesn’t buy into this made in America and hiring Americans stuff. His interest as always is doing well rather than doing good.