Again….and Again…..and….. Again…. and…. Again

Medicynical note: America leads the world in murders.

We used to lead the world in innovation, education, and technology. We did have an original-sin problem with racism, but we seemed to be addressing it for a while.

Now we have racists on TV and maybe Twitter. Now we have more guns/capita than anywhere in the world. And now we have more gun deaths, mass shootings, school shootings, gun murders, accidental shootings, gun suicides, shootings of innocents by police and police getting shot etc, etc, etc. America today.

And the Republican Party and Supreme Court and some Democrats, the people who made it all possible. Sit mute. Some hiding from people who might be near their homes legally carrying the weapons that they have made it so so easy to own.

Irony doesn’t exist in America

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