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More Guns=More Gun Deaths

This time it’s two policemen who were shot. The U.S. leads industrialized nations in this statistic as well. The US leads the industrialized world in literally every reportable gun death statistic. A dubious distinction.

Medicynical Note: Once an idyllic place with the highest standard of living and overall great satisfaction with the quality of life (unless of course you were African-American or indigent). The U.S. with it’s “conservative” values has become a country of increasing income disparity, guns everywhere, mediocre health care (we lead the world in COVID deaths), systemic racism, white angst, and gun deaths. Not a pretty picture.

We owe this to Vladimir Putin, one of the worst Supreme Courts in history, a congress increasingly manned by incompetents and a clueless citizenry. We’re in a national libertarian/conservative/faux religionist downward spiral to who knows what.

Guns….My Morning Reads

Medicynical Note: The other fatal epidemic in America. Guns terrify everyone and in the U.S. they are everywhere. A uniquely American problem (we lead the world in ownership and deaths) in a once civil society that absurdly maintains that it values life.

It should also be noted that in the other epidemic the U.S. also leads the world in deaths. What the hell is wrong with us?

Religionists Can’t Resist : Hindu vs Christian

There is something about the preschool level “mine is better” than yours fundamentalist religion mentality that brings out the worst in man.

“To many Hindu extremists, the attacks are justified — a means of preventing religious conversions. To them, the possibility that some Indians, even a relatively small number, would reject Hinduism for Christianity is a threat to their dream of turning India into a pure Hindu nation. Many Christians have become so frightened that they try to pass as Hindu to protect themselves.”

In this case it is Hindus suppressing Christians living in their midst. Under Modi religious myopia has been been reinvigorated and been more the rule than the exception.

In this behavior India is not unique. Throughout the world religion the so-called force for “good” is the rational for supression and persecution of followers of other beliefs. Most religions, except perhaps for Quakers and the Baha’ and a few others, seem unable to resist attacking and discouraging others. That appears to be their nature.

Medicynical Note: And yes the U.S. that “paragon” of virtue in the world also suffers from religious sourced anarchy. The notion of separation of Church and State protected us from religious hegemony for 250 years. But now there are U.S. religious fundamentalists who maintain that their beliefs should be supreme and that government should be based on often ridiculous, highly ambiguous, vague, and medieval biblical interpretations.

Israel’s Absurdity

No irony and no mulligans in the world of nuclear armaments.

But former Israel security officials are increasingly critical of the role Netanyahu played in opposing the original agreement and urging Trump to abandon it. These officials say the accord was imperfect but that the alternative has been worse.”

“This approach enabled “Iran to accumulate a lot more material, work on advanced centrifuges, and maybe other things that we don’t know about, all which brought Iran closer than ever before” to acquiring a nuclear bomb, said Yoel Guzansky, former head of the Iran desk at Israel’s National Security Council and a senior fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). “The nuclear deal was flawed, but at least it put a lid on Iran’s advancement, which we don’t have now.”’

Medicynical Note: The only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons accuses Iran of nuclear blackmail for trying to develop it’s own nuclear weapon (denied by Iran).

The shadow world of Middle Eastern intrigue reveals an incompetence a little like MAD Magazine’s spy against spy feature…….except that we are talking real people and real lives at risk.

Guess Who Pays for COVID Vaccine— Not Elon!

Elon Musk is famous for being one of the wealthiest people in the world. He’s also famous for his tax avoidance. He recently sold out his California interests and home and moved to Texas just so he could avoid paying taxes in California.

“Musk is not exactly gracious in victory. He recently harassed (on Twitter, of course) the head of the United Nations food program, after the official suggested that billionaires devote some of their resources toward ending worldwide hunger. When Wyden posted that whether billionaires should pay taxes isn’t policy that should be determined by a Twitter poll, Musk’s vulgar response was so inappropriate The Post won’t print it and I won’t link to it here.”

So it comes as no surprise that as we consider who is paying for the COVID vaccine and the hospitalizations of COVID paitents that Elon has not stepped up to help pay for this burden. Just you and me folks.

Religion: I’ve Never Understood….. Superstition

Religious beliefs conflicting with civil society is a constant issue in today’s Supreme Court mediated America. This court has found that guns everywhere is a desirable part of society; created unequal citizenship rights favoring the wealthy and corporations; and endorsed the supremity of religious belief over rationality as the controlling force in American life. I don’t get it.

Sure, in broad strokes religious belief creates cliques (closed clubs if you will) in society that mutually support each other; it offers a set of rules for life, many based on common sense, but also many solely on medieval beliefs and ‘thou shaltism”, not rationality. I’ll never understand why.

Medicynical Note: In the case of Maplewood (I once liver there) I have no idea if there was a significant transgression of “rights” but am more concerned by the global somewhat disproportionate response to what appears to be at worst a very minor “transgression”.

Where I end up is that we are forced to tolerate religious idiosyncrasies such as the Hijab but we really don’t have to adopt the beliefs behind them…… More here

COVID: Washington Vs Texas……..Gov. Abbott Failed and Thousands Died

During the COVID epidemic Washington State has tried to follow science and encouraged mask utilization, social isolation and vaccination. In Texas on the other hand the governor ignored science and undermined all disease control efforts.


Washington State population: 7,170,00

Covid Cases: 695,999

% fully vaccinated 10/2021: 72%

Covid deaths in Washington: 8,234

Expected deaths in Washington at Texas rate: 16,581


Texas Population. 29,145,000

Texas Covid Cases: 4,156,000

% fully vacccinated Oct 15, 2021: 52%

Covid deaths in Texas: 67,400

Expected deaths in Texas at Washington State rate= 33,470

Medicynical Note: In Texas if precautions had been taken and vaccination encouraged to the extent of Washington, the number of deaths in Texas could have been halved.

In Texas thousands of people died from the state government’s poor judgment and politicization of a life threatening medical problem

And………..thousands died.

Yes, It Was an Coup Attempt by Donald Trump

For the first time in history a sitting president attempted to undermine the U.S. Government in what can only be described as an coup by judicial fiat.

The Republican Party previously used the Supreme Court to undermine the majority of voters in the 2000 presidential election by not allowing a complete count of votes in Florida. Depending on one’s point of view this was perhaps a misuse of the judiciary but not quite a coup.

So perhaps having more or less succeeded in subverting an election once, Trump, having lost the election, with the support of some in his party, considered overturning the will of a several million voter majority. He circulated false accusations of massive vote fraud, accusations disproved by courts every place the issue was raise. In spite of this he schemed with partisan lawyers in his Department of Justice to find a way to overturn the valid election results.

Fortunately his attempts failed. Make no mistake it was the first attempted Coup d’Etat in U.S. history.

And Yes it was a Coup attempt.…..

Ivermectin……doesn’t cure COVID. In Case You Wondered

From the Nobel site about the 2015 award for Medicine: “William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura discovered a new drug, Avermectin, the derivatives of which have radically lowered the incidence of River Blindness and Lymphatic Filariasis, as well as showing efficacy against an expanding number of other parasitic diseases. Tu Youyou discovered Artemisinin, a drug that has significantly reduced the mortality rates for patients suffering from Malaria.”

“These two discoveries have provided humankind with powerful new means to combat these debilitating diseases that affect hundreds of millions of people. annually. The consequences in terms of improved human health and reduced suffering are immeasurable.”

The drug was a major advance in the treatment of parasitic diseases not viral illnesses.

While there has been some activity in lab experiments, studies in humans show no convincing anti-viral disease activity.

Unfortunately many of the human studies have been plagued with poor design and evidence of manipulation of results.

Campaigners for the drug point to a number of scientific studies and often claim this evidence is being ignored or covered up. But a review by a group of independent scientists has cast serious doubt on that body of research.”
“The BBC can reveal that more than a third of 26 major trials of the drug for use on Covid have serious errors or signs of potential fraud. None of the rest show convincing evidence of ivermectin’s effectiveness.”
“Dr Kyle Sheldrick, one of the group investigating the studies, said they had not found “a single clinical trial” claiming to show that ivermectin prevented Covid deaths that did not contain “either obvious signs of fabrication or errors so critical they invalidate the study”.”

The Selling of American Veterans…….healthcare information

In a country that values capital accrual before all else we should not be too surprised when business types try to leverage their relationship with power into……….you guessed it……..revenue.

In this case Mar-a-Lago cronies of former president Trump tried to gain access to VA patients confidential medical records to help big Pharma and other so-called health care related companies sell their products to injured and sick veterans. Everyone makes money at the expense of the U.S. government and in many cases the veteran’s themselves.

From Informed Comment

Medicynical Note: In the U.S. there is no healthcare system, rather there is a very well developed revenue generating system. It’s goal is revenue generation not improved health care outcomes. It’s the money stupid.