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What’s in a word? COLLABORATOR



intr.v. col·lab·o·rat·ed, col·lab·o·rat·ing, col·lab·o·rates
1. To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.2. To cooperate treasonably, as with an enemy occupation force in one’s country.

Major Presidential deputy works to downplay involvement of Russians in 2016 election. Previously he and his president lied about the campaigns’ contacts with Russian agents. He was involved in meetings with Russians about the campaign and lied about it. Is he a collaborator or a colluder?

“Despite what Kushner said on Tuesday, it is not the case that Russian interference didn’t go beyond a handful of Facebook ads. According to information released by the House Intelligence Committee last year, Russian agents actually purchased about 3,500 Facebook ads during the 2016 presidential campaign, spending more than $1 million a month to reach about 10 million users. Meanwhile, Russian agents also purchased ads on Instagram and created thousands of bot accounts on Twitter that almost exclusively spread propaganda aimed at helping Trump by damaging Hillary Clinton.

And this from Newsweek:

“Soon after, it was revealed that one of Kushner’s applications for security clearances featured a litany of mistakes. Most notably, Kushner failed to disclose a June 2016 meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower in New York with Donald Trump Jr. and Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. This was omitted even after Kushner said he edited and resubmitted the application multiple times.”

“”I have never seen that level of mistakes,” Charles Phalen, the director of the National Background Investigations Bureau, a division of the Office of Personnel Management, said at the time.”

Medicynical note: Perhaps not labeling but simply saying “worked together” with the Russians for mutual benefit best describes Kushner’s and others in this government’s activities. But then isn’t that the action of a collaborator?

Consequences of Cancelling the TPP: for Farmers

The Trump effect on agriculture exports……it’s not good.

“This means that dozens of other countries now benefit from changes we persuaded Japan to make. And our farmers are about to lose out, big time.”

“Japan’s beef imports were already up 25 percent in the first two months of 2019 compared with a year earlier, as the Wall Street Journal recently reported. The biggest beneficiaries were Canada and New Zealand. This makes sense: As members of TPP 2.0, they have a huge price advantage. U.S. beef is tariffed at 38.5 percent, and TPP 2.0 countries’ beef is now at 26.6 percent, with further reductions slated for coming years.”

“Even before then, these other countries’ advantages will widen. If frozen beef imports surpass a certain threshold, as is expected soon, a “safeguard” tariff will automatically kick in and raise tariffs on  our  products — but  not TPP 2.0’s members’ — to 50 percent.”

Medicynical note: Moving on without us.

A New Drug for Huntington’s and a Modest Proposal

Some progress in mitigating a devastating genetic disease

“We recently tested a new drug, called RG6042, that appears to be safe from our first phase-one trial and which reduces levels of the toxic protein that builds up in patients’ brain cells and is believed to trigger the disease,” says Huntington’s expert Professor Sarah Tabrizi of University College London. “It’s a great step forward.”

Medicynical note: If the trial shows the drug to be effective in delaying or mitigating Huntington’s, there is a compelling public interest that it be freely available to those at risk of this uniformly disabling ultimately fatal disease. The cost, emotional and financial, of this disease is incalculable. As such the drug patent and right to produce and market should be publicly owned and the drug provided at a nominal cost to all potential (gene positive) people. The devil of course is in the details and is of course easier to solve, financially and ethically, in the context of nation health schemes.

Rudy: it was Collaboration not Collusion

According to Giuliani, it was OK to share information with the Russians and vice versa, an open collaboration rather than a secret collusion, and that’s OK.

“Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, said Sunday that there is “nothing wrong” with a campaign accepting information from Russians, defending the Trump team’s efforts to obtain damaging material about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during the 2016 race.”

“There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians,” Giuliani said in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “It depends on where it came from.”

MEDICYNICAL NOTE: Manafort you recall was convicted of sharing polling info with the Russians. So a two way sharing with another country, our sworn enemy, was OK according to Giuliani and I guess the Trump campaign.

Of Course the Media Was Right

“But mostly what makes the report seem old news is that it is … mostly old news. That is, the report produced by the special counsel’s office consists in large part of details confirming reports that have circulated for months, or years. And that’s really the biggest news of the week—we were right. Christopher Steele was right. The FBI agents who suspected Trump’s campaign was reaching out to Russia were right. Reports that Michael Flynn, and Donald Trump Jr, and Jared Kushner were trying to build a “back channel” for secret communications with the Kremlin were right. Stories that the Paul Manafort shared private polling data with a Russian agent were right. The reports about Carter Page were right. The reports about George Papadopoulos were right. The stories about Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to build a giant tower complete with personal space for Vladimir Putin and an Ivanka-branded spa were right. And every story of Trump trying to hide evidence, destroy evidence, suborn perjury, and simply end the investigation … they were all right.

Medicynical note: The purveyors of Trump’s news were of the FOX, Limbaugh and Breibart ilk. It turns out they dissemble, distort and invent…………really really fake news.

Losing Influence–the Trump Effect

When your leader has no credibility other countries take advantage.

Medicynical note: Under Trump’s Presidency the US has undermined its allies and encouraged its competitors in almost all corners of the world. We’ve isolated our friends in Europe by attacking NATO and the European Community. In the Middle East we’ve abrogated the Iranian nuclear agreement, covered for assassins from Saudi Arabia and encouraged the apartheid state in Israel. We’ve engaged in a trade war that has helped China find alternatives to U.S. products. We’ve treated our best friend Canada like an enemy and done our best to encourage China and Russia’s advances in South America. Trump’s America First policy has meant a profound loss of U.S. influence and prestige throughout the world.

Boeing’s Sin

More than you really want to know about a design flaw in Boeing’s 737 MAX.

“So Boeing produced a dynamically unstable airframe, the 737 Max. That is big strike No. 1. Boeing then tried to mask the 737’s dynamic instability with a software system. Big strike No. 2. Finally, the software relied on systems known for their propensity to fail (angle-of-attack indicators) and did not appear to include even rudimentary provisions to cross-check the outputs of the angle-of-attack sensor against other sensors, or even the other angle-of-attack sensor. Big strike No. 3.”

“None of the above should have passed muster. None of the above should have passed the “OK” pencil of the most junior engineering staff, much less a DER.”

“That’s not a big strike. That’s a political, social, economic, and technical sin.”

Medicynical note: Poor design, inadequate corrective measures= two crashes with hundreds dead.

Ignore the contrite humbleness, this mega corporation is selling an inherently unstable product.