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The Selling of American Veterans…….healthcare information

In a country that values capital accrual before all else we should not be too surprised when business types try to leverage their relationship with power into……….you guessed it……..revenue.

In this case Mar-a-Lago cronies of former president Trump tried to gain access to VA patients confidential medical records to help big Pharma and other so-called health care related companies sell their products to injured and sick veterans. Everyone makes money at the expense of the U.S. government and in many cases the veteran’s themselves.

From Informed Comment

Medicynical Note: In the U.S. there is no healthcare system, rather there is a very well developed revenue generating system. It’s goal is revenue generation not improved health care outcomes. It’s the money stupid.

McConnell’s Citizens United: Send Money …. but Stay out of Politics

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell lashed out at corporate America on Monday, warning CEOs to stay out of the debate over a new voting law in Georgia that has been criticized as restricting votes among minorities and the poor. “

The grotesque pseudo-democracy of the United States was again on full display this week as republicans did their utmost to “fix” future elections in their favor. Given the go ahead by the see-no-evil Supreme Court they gerrymander wherever possible and make voting more time consuming and difficult for their political opponents. And now, threaten corporations who oppose their efforts.

Medicynical note: After losing the popular vote again, Republicans try to fix their unpopularity problem by disenfranchising their political opposition. Cynical, dishonest and corrupt.

COVID and game theory–Rand vs Spock

FYI. “The pandemic is a prisoner’s dilemma game played out repeatedly,” Dr. Bauch said. In lectures, he invokes a comparison between Ayn Rand, who made a virtue of selfishness, and the “Star Trek” character Spock, who said, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”


“”Some people might play a ‘wait-and-see game,’” Dr. Bauch said. People who choose not to be vaccinated effectively get a free ride, reaping the benefits of reduced virus transmission generated by the people who do opt for vaccination. But the free rides generate a collective threat.”

“That is the prisoner’s dilemma,” Dr. Bauch said. When infection levels are low, people feel less at risk, let down their guard, and then infection levels again rise; the ebb and flow between our behavior and the virus causes the pandemic waves. “We end up in this unhappy medium,” he said.”

Medicynical notes: the prisoner’s dilemma describes the horrid mindset of almost half of America. The “oh, it’s no problem for me…….until it is folks. 330,000 dead and rising describes the consequence…….unless you are one of the going away like magic people who still think that the dead folk are of little consequence.

Listen to Science….or

The midwest states followed Trump’s lead and doubted the seriousness of the COVID pandemic. They are now facing the consequences of their ignorance. This is a terrifying graphic.

Yesterday over 1900 people died of the COVID infection……that’s the equivalent of six 747’s crashing with no survivors. And Trump continus his denial, his lies and his misinformation.

Click on the graph to follow the changes since June.

Medicynical Note: Trump and Pence mismanaged the response to the pandemic. It didn’t go away like magic. It wasn’t under control in February, March, April, May or anytime. It didn’t stop during the warm months. The strategy of “herd immunity” is killing people.

Thousands of American Citizen deaths are a direct result of republican leaders, at every level of government, ignoring science. It’s the worst civilian disaster in modern U.S. history. Nothing else compares.

In America Overcharging Rules

“Ms. Sussman, 51, took her whole family to get tested, and the results came back negative.”

“Then the paperwork came: $6,816 had been charged to insurance for four coronavirus tests. Ms. Sussman’s fees alone were $1,944.”

Medicynical note: a once honorable profession.

A Rotted Hulk

McCarrick, 90, was defrocked by Francis last year after a Vatican investigation confirmed decades of allegations that the globe-trotting envoy and successful church fundraiser had sexually molested adults as well as children. The Vatican had reports from authoritative figures dating back to 1999 that McCarrick’s behavior was problematic, yet he continued to rise to become an influential cardinal, kingmaker and emissary of the Holy See’s “soft diplomacy.””

Medicynical note: Yes, I know we’re supposed to defer to religiosity no matter how flawed. But The Catholic Church is a special case. Yes the ritual can be view as timeless and moving but the church itself is a rotting hulk. After all, for centuries, apparently even our current one, it has condoned and hidden abusive behavior of clergy towards women and children on every continent even elevating deniers and abusers to “sainthood.” In the U.S. it wields absurd power considering that five Supreme Court justices (a majority of the court) and the attorney general are conservative true believer members of this archaic relic of the Middle Ages.

Russia’s Candidate

Supporting their candidate to the bitter end.

Medicynical note: Loyalty goes both ways

Vaccines are coming…..but it won’t be easy

Remember as well that the efficacy levels we’re seeing this morning are after the second dose. If everyone magically got the vaccine this morning, we still wouldn’t all be able to breath easy for nearly a month. And we are not all getting it this morning, for sure. It’s obvious that the pandemic is ripping through a long list of countries right now – cases are rising steeply, hospitalizations right behind, and although we’re better at treating the patients than we were, deaths are inevitably going up as well. This is all going to get worse before it gets better – but the good news here is that it really is going to get better. Keeping your head down, wearing masks and keeping your distance is more valuable than ever, because there’s an actual finish line in sight that you have to reach. Hang on for the vaccine – for the vaccines – because they really are coming.”


“The Pfizer/BioNTech candidate, last we heard, needs -80C storage, and that is not available down at your local pharmacy. Pfizer has been rounding up as many ultracold freezers (and as much dry ice production) as they can, but there seems little doubt that this is going to be a tough one. I know that the press release talks about getting 1.3 billion doses of this vaccine during 2021, but actually getting 1.3 billion doses out there is going to take an extraordinary effort, because you’re getting into some regions where such relatively high-tech storage and handling becomes far more difficult.”

25th Amendment Time– long overdue

The simple fact is this election is far from over,” the president said, “Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated.”

“Mr. Trump’s advisers said the president has refused to acknowledge that he has lost, maintaining his baseless accusation that Democrats had stolen the election.”

Medicynical note: Delusions of grandeur, paranoid ideation, unaccepting reality, uncontrolled emotional reactions. 25 th Amendment time. For the sake of the nation let numb nuts novocaine Mike handle the next three months.

Latinos Close the Door

While Democrats aggressively pushed to turn Texas blue this election cycle, they were banking on help from people like Barbara Ocañas, a highly educated, 37-year-old Latina voter from the Rio Grande valley.”

“But, after Donald Trump faced backlash for using the word “coyote” to describe human smugglers, Ocañas was turned off by liberals focused more on semantics than the actual realities of the migrant crisis affecting her home. As the daughter of a Mexican émigré, she believes that undocumented immigrants are “just people, like you and me”.”

“However, when it comes to earning US citizenship, “there is a right way and a wrong way to do it”, she said.”

Medicynical note: An interesting phenomenon among Latinos in southern Texas. Despite all the invectives and hate about Latino refuges from Trump and many of his supporters, a significant number of S.Texas Latinos voted for Trump. Driven by slowly declining petroleum industry jobs, abortion and perhaps simple contrariness they abandoned the plight of Latino refuges, separated immigrant children, asylum seekers and even DACA beneficiaries. They join others who have shut the door behind their own good fortune (most notable example Clarence Thomas) to oppose progressive policies. Sad, but it’s really happening.