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It’s Not Even Short Term Thinking– it’s Self Immolation

As August wound down, the populist troika of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, and Jair Bolsonaro proved once again that the United States, the United Kingdom, and Brazil would be better off with no leaders rather than the dubious characters that currently pretend to govern these countries.”

“In all three cases, these leaders escalated their nationally destructive policies this summer in ways that have alienated even their erstwhile supporters. Once again, they have demonstrated that they have no interest in making America, Great Britain, or Brazil great again. They are only interested in doing as much damage as they can before they are ultimately dragged out of office.”

Medicynical note: in the case of Trump it’s being the anti guy. Anti Obama, anti regulations. But, of course he slavishly genuflects to the Russians, his big business supporters and the monied class in our country. “Donald Trump is a moth that can’t stop itself from flying directly at the flame of fame (or, more accurately, the inferno of infamy). He could stay off Twitter, but instead his tweets piss off one group of voters after another. He could stay away from the press, but his lies, gaffes, and personal attacks are amplified throughout the media universe. Arguably, this is a strategy to solidify the base and reinforce Trump’s reputation as an anti-establishment gadfly.

Bolsonaro is about being anti environment (like his model Trump) and opposing “intrusive” NGO’s. “Oh, and more profits into the pockets of Bolsonaro’s friends in the industries that are paving the paradise of the Amazon and putting up a parking lot.

Johnson’s motivation is a little about being the anti guy, supporting a hairbrained policy without knowing the consequences and just hoping for the best.

Truth and scientific knowledge is not in the skill set of any of the three.

He Lies…..Because that’s What He’s Always Done

On Monday, Trump told reporters that he held “high-level talks” with China about the trade war, adding “this is the first time I’ve seen them where they really want to make a deal.””

“Global stocks instantly reversed what looked to be another day of heavy losses, following the Dow’s 600 point drop on the previous Friday. His comments soothed anxious investors. “

“But China said that those talks never actually happened. And CNN reportedthat: “Instead, two officials said Trump was eager to project optimism that might boost markets and conflated comments from China’s vice premier with direct communication from the Chinese.””

Medicynical note: He’s running the government like his businesses (sic)……..5 bankruptcies and counting. Trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see thanks to his tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, billions for his wall and bail outs to tariff victims. If re-elected he’s promised to go after Social Security and Medicare. VOTE

History Lesson: Withdrawal from Afghanistan (1842, 1988)

The 1842 retreat from Kabul (or Massacre of Elphinstone’s army) took place during the First Anglo-Afghan War. At the beginning of the conflict, British and East India Company forces had defeated the forces of Afghan Emir Dost Mohammad Barakzai and in 1839 occupied Kabul, restoring the former ruler, Shah Shujah Durrani, as emir. However a deteriorating situation made their position more and more precarious, until an uprising in Kabul forced the then commander, Major General Sir William Elphinstone, to withdraw the garrison. To this end he negotiated an agreement with Wazir Akbar Khan, one of the sons of Dost Mohammad Barakzai, by which his army was to fall back to the British garrison at Jalalabad, more than 90 miles (140 km) away. As the army and its numerous dependents and camp followers began its march, it came under attack from Afghan tribesmen. Many of the column died of exposure, frostbite or starvation or were killed during the fighting.

And more recently

“Soviet support for the Najibullah government did not end with the withdrawal of the regular troops. Aid totalling several billion dollars was sent by the Soviet Union to Afghanistan, including military aircraft (MiG-27s) and Scud missiles.[6]:123 Due primarily to this aid, the Najibullah government held onto power for much longer than the CIA and State Department expected. The mujahideen made considerable advances following the withdrawal of the Soviet contingent, and were even able to take and control several cities; nevertheless, they failed to unseat Najibullah until the spring of 1992.[6]:124 Following the coup of August 1991, the Soviet Union (and later the Russian Federation under Boris Yeltsin) cut aid to their Afghan allies. This had a severe impact on the Hizb-i Watan (formerly known as the PDPA), and on the armed forces, already weakened by their fight against the mujahideen and internal struggles – following an abortive coup attempt in March 1990, the Army (already encountering a critical lack of resources and critical rates of desertion) was purged. Ultimately, the cessation of Soviet aid and the instability that it caused allowed to the mujahideen to storm Kabul.[7]:248 [10]:9 Najibullah was removed from power by his own party, after which the mujahideen futilely attempted to form a stable coalition government.[7]:251Disagreements and infighting between the likes of Massoud and Hekmatyar set the stage for the eventual rise of the Taliban.”

Medicynical note: After 18 fruitless years we are planning to withdraw from Afghanistan. No matter what the military or our truth deprived President says this is not a victory, particularly when you are relying on Taliban promises. This will be a disaster for women, the education system, Afghan civil society and the so-called war against terrorism. The only question is how quickly the disaster will happen.

A Mockery of Speedy Justice

A military judge has set a trial date for five men held at Guantánamo Bay and facing the death penalty for their alleged role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks – nearly 20 years after the atrocities took place.

Medicynical note: The sixth amendment of the constitution assures those accused of a speedy trial, fair jury and an attorney. While 9/11 was horrendous and the accusations probably true, twenty years to maybe get to a trial indicates a flawed inadequate military justice system. Absurd that it has taken so long.

Reckless and Dangerous

Another travesty from the Petroleum industry and the Koch brothers. There will be a special place in hell for Trump and his facilitators

Medicynical note: Elections have consequences and it is an open question whether control of the quality of our lives the air we breathe, the water we drink and the polluting industries will ever be re-established. The robber barons ride again. Thanks to our Congress, the Supreme Court and our ill informed electorate.

It’s the Money Stupid

About 43 million Americans have unpaid medical debt dinging their credit, and half of all overdue debt on Americans’ credit reports is from medical expenses, according to a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau study from 2014. The debt typically comes from out-of-network doctors who people thought were in-network, hospital stays, or ambulance rides. About one in six Americans received a surprise out-of-network medical bill in 2017 after being treated in a hospital, even though they had insurance, according to Kaiser Health News.”

Medicynical note: And when the bill the patient directly, hospitals seek payment of the full ” list” price not the dramatically reduced price negotiated by insurers. For example I recent saw a bill for about $25,000 paid off by the insurer for about $12,000. The patient however if uninsured would be responsible for the unreduced amount. At every turn health care in the US is more about money than care.

Presidential Confabulator

You can’t make this up……..he does

Medicynical note: He makes it up as he goes along. Bizarre and dangerous, in addition to inaccurate.