Listen to Science….or

The midwest states followed Trump’s lead and doubted the seriousness of the COVID pandemic. They are now facing the consequences of their ignorance. This is a terrifying graphic.

Yesterday over 1900 people died of the COVID infection……that’s the equivalent of six 747’s crashing with no survivors. And Trump continus his denial, his lies and his misinformation.

Click on the graph to follow the changes since June.

Medicynical Note: Trump and Pence mismanaged the response to the pandemic. It didn’t go away like magic. It wasn’t under control in February, March, April, May or anytime. It didn’t stop during the warm months. The strategy of “herd immunity” is killing people.

Thousands of American Citizen deaths are a direct result of republican leaders, at every level of government, ignoring science. It’s the worst civilian disaster in modern U.S. history. Nothing else compares.

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