Religion: I’ve Never Understood….. Superstition

Religious beliefs conflicting with civil society is a constant issue in today’s Supreme Court mediated America. This court has found that guns everywhere is a desirable part of society; created unequal citizenship rights favoring the wealthy and corporations; and endorsed the supremity of religious belief over rationality as the controlling force in American life. I don’t get it.

Sure, in broad strokes religious belief creates cliques (closed clubs if you will) in society that mutually support each other; it offers a set of rules for life, many based on common sense, but also many solely on medieval beliefs and ‘thou shaltism”, not rationality. I’ll never understand why.

Medicynical Note: In the case of Maplewood (I once liver there) I have no idea if there was a significant transgression of “rights” but am more concerned by the global somewhat disproportionate response to what appears to be at worst a very minor “transgression”.

Where I end up is that we are forced to tolerate religious idiosyncrasies such as the Hijab but we really don’t have to adopt the beliefs behind them…… More here

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