More Guns=More Gun Deaths

This time it’s two policemen who were shot. The U.S. leads industrialized nations in this statistic as well. The US leads the industrialized world in literally every reportable gun death statistic. A dubious distinction.

Medicynical Note: Once an idyllic place with the highest standard of living and overall great satisfaction with the quality of life (unless of course you were African-American or indigent). The U.S. with it’s “conservative” values has become a country of increasing income disparity, guns everywhere, mediocre health care (we lead the world in COVID deaths), systemic racism, white angst, and gun deaths. Not a pretty picture.

We owe this to Vladimir Putin, one of the worst Supreme Courts in history, a congress increasingly manned by incompetents and a clueless citizenry. We’re in a national libertarian/conservative/faux religionist downward spiral to who knows what.

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