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“Ground Hog Day” Again : Kentucky Bank Shooting

It will happen again and again and again. I’m beginning to feel like the guy in Groundhog Day. Every day, no matter how they find to excuse it—mental health system, police delays, no metal detectors, open doors, thoughts and prayers — it happens again.

Medicynical Note: Another shooting. A “legally” purchased AR-15 obtained four days earlier by a soon to be fired bank employee. It took one minute to kill 5 people. Also shot in the event were two police. One, a new police recruit, with a life threatening injury.

Kentucky is a state with few limits on gun purchases and open carry. It’s as if they want to facilitate the slaughter. The police, always respond, most times heroically but almost always too late. A front line group the police for some inexplicable reason continue to support guns everywhere for everyone. An insane mind set, but then it’s 21st century America where daily public killings are deemed necessary for “freedom.”

Our conservative Supreme Court members made it all possible following the vague notion of originalism. They seem too busy to concern themselves with the collateral damage and are off on luxury trips around the world with “personal” friends or hiding at home fearful of………. guns.

More Massacres: America Reaps what it has Sowed

America’s cavalier gun policies move toward their natural endpoint. Killings blossom out of nowhere, collateral damage (death) abounds. It’s no nightmare, it’s America’s self-inflicted hell on earth.

“Broadened out to include all deaths from gun violence, not including suicides, 1,214 people have been killed before the end of the first month of this year, including 120 children. That is likely to increase to tens of thousands by the end of 2023 – the figure for 2022 is 20,200.”

“In comparison, the latest data from the UK showed that in the course of an entire year ending in March 2022, 31 people were killed by firearms. The UK’s population is 67 million to the US’s 333 million.”

Medicynical Note: Ah can you feel the freedom! It’s an almost daily gift from the thoughts and prayers folks. From the conservative members of the Supreme Court who made this all possible and quake in fear of people with……. guns; to the feckless Republican Party who thinks this is just another sign of “freedom” to the emergency responders who must be exhausted by the mayhem. It’s deja vous all over again. It’s “Groundhog Day” until we get it right…….

We’ve become a parody of ourselves. This is not at all like the good old days. It’s a self inflicted purgatory— and speaking of the afterlife, wonder what all those gun carrying evangelicals think? Is this their idea of heaven?