Trump Tax Cuts and our National Debt: A Shell Game for Suckers

As Republican Trumpist radicals posture about our national debt remember their early actions during Trump’s first year in office that is constantly increasing our debt to the tune of over a trillion dollars over 5 years.

Medicynical Note: This is not rocket science nor advanced economics. The game plan is to play up the debt and try to pay for it by cutting Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other necessary domestic programs. Defense of course will be exempted from significant cuts.

After marching in lock-step to increase the debt under Trump by cutting taxes on the wealthy our republican faux libertarian radicals want to place the burden of the debt that THEY created on middle and lower income earners. Are we so stupid as a country to fall for this? ………. maybe. Watch the posturing over the next few weeks and find out.

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