Only in America…..6 years old shooters

“In no way do I believe that we were fully prepared for a 6-year-old student to bring a gun to school … and shoot his teacher,” he said. “There is a lot to learn here and a lot to unpack.”

“On Monday, the chief called the investigation into the shooting “unprecedented.” He said the gun was taken from the child’s home. The boy’s mother had legally purchased the gun, Drew said.”

Medicynical Note: Is it any wonder that our conservative dominated Supreme Court, the facilitators of our gun culture, is fearful of people…….. with…….. guns.

We’ve become the America no one could have possibly anticipated or hoped for, except maybe gun manufacturers. We lead the industrialized world in guns/capita, gun homicides, gun suicides, mass shootings, school shootings, accidental gun deaths, police shootings (both of policemen and of citizens).

It’s our disgrace and yes, it’s the guns.

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