Trump and The Russians

The Russian campaign for President…….of the United States……….becomes clear.

“Over all, the Senate report was a bipartisan endorsement of the finding that Russia tried to intervene in 2016 on behalf of Mr. Trump’s election and that the campaign welcomed the assistance. It also hinted that Mr. Manafort may have known about the Russian efforts to hack Democratic emails and dump them into the public sphere, as it did through WikiLeaks.”

Medicynical note: During these four years the U.S. has abdicated its leadership role in the Middle East, torn apart NATO, fatally bungled the public health response to a pandemic, created the largest peacetime federal budget deficit in history (before and after the pandemic started), created an immigration crisis that undermines America’s reputation as a nation of immigrants, and destroyed overseas markets for U.S. agriculture.

And while doing so Trump repeatedly kowtowed to Putin, his idol. All so that Trump can build a Trump hotel in Moscow.

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