Actions Have Consequences…….Iran

Trump-think………he doesn’t.

“The United States argues that even though it has left the nuclear deal, it retains the right as an original “JCPOA participant” to trigger the “snapback” of sanctions over any issue that violates the agreement, even though it no longer is a participant in it.”

Medicynical note: The U.S. abrogated, i.e. dropped out of the Iran nuclear treaty three years ago and in doing so unilaterally broke from the agreement with its actions . We now want to claim we have the authority to impose more restrictive sanctions to be implemented by all the signers of the treaty– all of whom have continued supporting the treaty.

In the U.N. Security Council vote only the Dominican Republic sided with the U.S. All others either opposed the U.S. action or abstained. Under Trump we went from a united front with Russia, China and our NATO allies to now being isolated with the D.R. Well done Donald.

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