Guns, Racism and Greed……the Downfall of America

And hovering above the violence in our country is the false prophet lure of so called “2nd amendment rights.” Unlimited weapons in a once civil culture has led to a degradation of order; of increased threats to minorities; to increased threats to police; and ultimately will lead to the end of that once civil society.

I don’t understand the sirens call of unlimited access to weapons of mass death in our culture. It leads nowhere good.

Our enemies around the world are delighted by our unique chaos–not seen in any other industrialized country. Gun manufacturers are delighted and shamelessly profit. Immature militant sycophants march around with assault weapons on all sides of the culture war and end up killing innocents and not so innocents to what end? Our police are fearful and as a result often over-react putting themselves and others in jeopardy.

In other cultures with stricter gun laws it is a rare once a year or every few years event that a police officer is killed in the line of duty or kills a suspect. Is there a lesson we can learn or have we permanently lost our collective minds.

One response to “Guns, Racism and Greed……the Downfall of America

  1. Related: Part of a longer essay written by me.
    I am appalled at the desecration of the”people” house in the name of partisan politics. Never has the Hatch Act been, so blatantly, disregarded, by an administration.
    During the Republican convention the President, on one hand, used, with grand ceremony, “our” House, to naturalize citizens, and on the other to condemn the very immigrants they are. Aside from the Native Americans, we are all the prodigy of immigrants. We have always prided ourselves, on being a melting pot, the best of all worlds. That pride has been lost with this administration..

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