Medical Debt: America’s the Only One

America’s unique approach to health-care most vividly expresses itself in our health care costs, our lack of universal coverage, and in the medically related debt  (national and individual)  found in our country.  We lead the world!

Even people with good insurance coverage know how hard it can be to figure out how much they owe after a visit to the doctor or, even worse, the emergency room, which can generate multiple bills. But as patients become responsible for a growing share of costs — not just co-payments, but also deductibles and coinsurance — bill paying is becoming ever more complex.

Medicynical Note:  America leads the world in medical debt.  In trying to manage this problem various legislative fixes are “in the works.” (see article above)  Other nations use  preventive medicine and simply, one way or another, provide health-care coverage to all their citizens.  Individual medical debt is unknown. Additionally, because other countries manage their costs, their national bill for health-care (cost of health care/capita) is a fraction of ours.  American exceptionalism at work!!!

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