American Exceptionalism: We are an Outlier

As several members of our Supreme Court looks to apply the “original intent” (from the 18 century) to health reform in the 21st century, other countries are looking forward.

Even as Americans debate whether President Obama’s health-care law and its promise of guaranteed health coverage should be scrapped, many far less affluent nations are moving in the opposite direction — to provide medical insurance to all citizens.

China, after years of underfunding health care, is on track to complete a three-year, $124 billion initiative projected to cover more than 90 percent of the nation’s residents.

Read the article for more examples.

Medicynical Note:  Is it any wonder that other nations sense our social and moral decline. 

We bring new definition to the term leading from the rear.  We are the worst in the world in assuring access to care; we lead the world in costs for health care; we lead the world in health care related bankruptcy.

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