American Racism…’s real and obvious

Saw this which led med to this.

In case you wondered, continued adoration of the confederacy puts in the spotlight America’s racist culture and it’s roots: the establishment of a country with an economy dependent on slavery. (See the 1619 Project)

Medicynical Note: Racism, yes it’s here and integrated (sic) into America’s DNA and it’s laws and justice system.

Since the mid 20th century we’ve attempted to deal with our sordid history. And yes there was progress but as libertarians emerged and during Trump’s term in office a large segment of our population denied and continues to deny it’s reality.

But it’s in the little things that we reveal ourselves such as …..removing statues that venerate the protectors of slavery….a skewed justice system…….a Supreme Court in denial of voter suppression….the violent reaction in some quarters to President Obama…..the suppression of the 1619 project…..etc,etc,etc.

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