Voting on Gay and Inter-racial Marriage— America’s Disgrace in Full View

There is not country in the world where people have to vote to assure the right of an inter-racial couple to marry……except in the good old U.S. of A.

Similarly, in most enlightened areas of the world gay marriage is an accepted reality as part of “freedom”. The exceptions are largely theocracies whose citizens are held to two thousand or year old credos.

In the U.S. our orthodox religionists (christian mainly) hold to the notion they should have unlimited “freedom” to dictate the rules of society according to their “beliefs.” As such they attempt to attach religious dictates to civil rule. Our Supreme Court has a majority of these dinosaurs and is inflicting untold damage on our democracy. Separation of Church and State is not in their vocabulary.

Of course no one forces any so-called true believer into gay marriage, or use of birth control, abortion or racial intermarriage.

Medicynical Note: The racist roots of our constitution is showing. Glad the bill passed but disappointed that it was necessary.

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