US Religious Police Emerge……as Iran Abolishes it’s….

With some irony it should be noted that Iran under public pressure is deemphasizing and maybe abolishing it’s religious police. Meanwhile in the U.S. our Supreme Court appears to be moving to enforce religious orthodoxy by declaring unlimited rights for believers at the expense of others freedoms.

Medicynical Note: Religious freedom used to include the freedom from religion. Now every “devout” person can be offended by the simple fact of non-believers and discriminate against them. This “right” seemingly has infinite applicability. Next up will be a suit against having to serve those of a different faith; different color; different national origin; who knows?

Sadly a the arbiters of this suit will be a reactionary Supreme Court majority. A majority that follow the beliefs of a religion that in many locales has bankrupted itself paying off victims of it’s priests’ immoral behavior. Ironic? Or Tragic?

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