He’s Literally Killing Us– Trump’s Fatal Errors

“The current U.S. outbreak is especially stark when compared to other large, high-income countries. All have few cases today compared to the United States.”

Medicynical note: Trumps ignorance has been on parade for months. His refused to listen to and follow informed medical advice. He actively undermined informed medical policy. He proudly hired and promoted the unqualified. Meanwhile people who should have known better in the Republican Party showed sheep-like obeisance as this stupid man undermined American democracy in four short years. And it’s sad to me that the best the other side can do is a geriatric placeholder who without question will be an improvement but who also does not inspire great confidence in the future.

Were the ideals of the postwar generation and after a mirage? I’m beginning to think so.

3 responses to “He’s Literally Killing Us– Trump’s Fatal Errors

  1. The reason we have a “place holder” is none of the other candidates could garner the support needed. I am an Independent looking for a moderate candidate and, at this point in time, have no choice, but to settle for a place holder until something better comes along.

    • I agree but it’s depressing that none of the other candidates were viable. Hopefully someone will emerge or in another 4 years or else a Trump clone who is a little more in touch with reality will retake (assuming he loses this time) the office. I don’t want another geriatric list.

      • If the current president gets a second term, in my opinion,we won’t have to worry about another geriatric list, as there will be no next time.

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