Bad Management– The Trump Downfall……again

“But their ultimate goal was to shift responsibility for leading the fight against the pandemic from the White House to the states. They referred to this as “state authority handoff,” and it was at the heart of what would become at once a catastrophic policy blunder and an attempt to escape blame for a crisis that had engulfed the country — perhaps one of the greatest failures of presidential leadership in generations.” (emphasis Medicynic)

It’s worse then that because after the “handoff” the president and his feckless vice president actively undermined the states’ public health messages.  Think of that our government at war with………itself.

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 7.49.20 AMMedicynical note:  Trump’s instinct is to first engage in magical thinking and when that doesn’t work blame somebody, anybody at all, else.  His scapegoats so far are an honor roll of competent people and organizations who were right. 

Trump’s campaign slogan should rightfully include “the worst ever.”

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