America is Helpless and Hopeless

We as a culture could barely bring ourselves to give two weeks in social isolation to stop the covid-19 worldwide epidemic. Then under the guise of”freedom,” gun toting idiots paraded around claiming their so-called freedom had preference over controlling an epidemic that killed 40,000 fellow citizens in 5 weeks.

So it’s not at all surprising that, when queried, our citizenry doesn’t give a damn about global warming from human activity, not even ten bucks worth.

“In fact, now more Americans than ever understand that climate change is happening. Seven in 10 believe it is. That’s not to say they all understand the scientific reality that human activity is the cause of climate change—some surveys shows that barely more than half of Americans believe the scientific consensus that human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are to blame. And most won’t do much about it, even if they realize it’s happening and realize our emissions are causing it. One poll conducted in 2018 found that 70 percent of Americans would be unwilling to contribute just $10 a month, the cost of a Netflix subscription, to combat climate change.”

Medicynical note: Just like other dumb animals man is unable to defer pleasure even a little bit to assure future survival. I hate to think what that means for the future of the planet which is well on its way to 10 billion inhabitants.

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