Trump–It ain’t the W.H.O.

Our slow to react, and even then he can’t get it right, President maintains that the W.H.O. mismanaged the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

But it was Trump who ignored advice from his predecessor that there was a real possibility of a worldwide epidemic.

The first cases and deaths occurred in December 2019, and by that time our leader had destroyed the office in the NSC (in 2018) that was set up to plan for and respond to an epidemic

He had already destroyed the CDC’s capability to respond and help other countries manage such an outbreak (2018).

He had already removed the embedded CDC personnel from the Chinese CDC (June 2019)

When appraised of deaths in China and the possibility of an epidemic, he opined that the outbreak was a media hoax.

He later stated he thought it would go away like a miracle

After deaths in the US he limited flights from China and said that it was well under control. About 40,000 people subsequently returned from China. On arrival they were delayed at airports which were overwhelmed by the large number of people returning home. Very limited precautions were taken to prevent spread among arriving passengers.

There is no evidence that the stopping of flights did anything by itself to slow or stop the smoldering epidemic in the U.S., as “you know who” maintains.

It’s only when we exceeded 40,000 people dead that Trump announced that the problem, in his not so humble opinion, was the WHO–which warned of the possibilities back in mid January–when he thought it was a media hoax

And now when his medical experts are recommending caution as the social isolation strategy appears to be slowing spread of the disease, Trump doesn’t listen to them either and actively undermines their recommendations.

In reality the only advice Trump listens to comes from the likes of Limbaugh and FOX news….i.e. bad advice. In the fog.of his sociopathic narcissism with some dementia mixed in, he is unable to understand and accept good advice–as he has proven over the last 3 1/2 months.

Folks the problem ain’t the W.H.O.

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