It Was Trump……..He Was Warned!

The US pandemic response teams in the NSC AND CDC were fired by Trump in 2018. In June 2019 Trump removed the embedded US CDC scientist from the Chinese CDC. ( )

Dec. 31, 2019: WHO says mysterious pneumonia sickening dozens in China

“Health authorities in China confirm that dozens of people in Wuhan, China, are being treated for pneumonia from an unknown source. Many of those sickened had visited a live animal market in Wuhan, but authorities say there is no evidence of the virus spreading from person to person.”

Trump ignored the warnings.

“Jan. 1: The CDC begins developing reports for the Department of Health and Human Services about the situation.”

“Jan. 3: A Chinese official officially informs CDC Director Robert Redfield of the outbreak of a respiratory illness in the city of Wuhan. Redfield later relays the information to HHS Secretary Alex Azar, and Azar informs the White House National Security Council.”

“Early January: Intelligence officials begin offering ominous, classified warnings about the virus to Trump in the President’s Daily Brief. The warnings will persist into February.”

“Jan. 8: The CDC issues its first public warning about the outbreak in China, saying that it is monitoring the situation and that people should take precautions when traveling to Wuhan.”

“Mid-January: Assistant HHS Secretary for Preparedness and Response Robert Kadlec instructs subordinates to make contingency plans for using the Defense Production Act, which allows the federal government to compel the production of certain materials in a crisis.”

“Jan. 17: The CDC begins monitoring major airports for passengers arriving from China.”

“Jan. 18: Azar, who had been trying to speak to Trump about the virus, is finally able to meet with him. Before Azar can begin talking about the virus, though, Trump interjects to ask him about a federal crackdown on vaping.”

“Jan. 21: The first confirmed coronavirus case arrives in the United States, in Seattle.”

“Jan. 22: Trump makes his first comments about the coronavirus, saying he is not concerned about a pandemic. “No. Not at all. And we have it totally under control. … It’s going to be just fine.””

Medicynical note: Trump’s denial of the seriousness of covid-19 infections continued until March. Yes the WHO could have done better, but Trump carelessly disregarded his own intelligence briefings in January and February, as well as warnings from the CDC and NIH.

It should be noted that several congresspeople sold millions in stocks after being briefed on the seriousness of the problem…while Trump slept at the wheel.

The problem wasn’t WHO………

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