Trump…..a Fount of BAD Advice

He’s been wrong since the start. It’s a “media hoax” ; it will disappear “like a miracle”; we’ll have all the tests we need “next week”; “no, I don’t take responsibility at all”. So now, Trump, an uninformed lay person recommends drug treatment for the covid-19 infection based on a small study from a notoriously unreliable French investigator. A guy a little like Dr. Oz or Dr. Drew. Is there any reason to take his advice? The short answe is no. The long answer follows:

Anthony Fauci is not among the impressed. The day the study came out, Fauci, the leading infectious-disease expert advising the White House’s coronavirus task force, downplayed the findings as “anecdotal.” The report was not a randomized clinical trial—one in which many people are followed to see how their health fares, not simply whether a virus is detectable. And Oz’s “100 percent” interpretation involves conspicuous omissions. According to the study itself, three other patients who received hydroxychloroquine were too sick to be tested for the virus by day six (they were intubated in the ICU). Another had a bad reaction to the drug and stopped taking it. Another was not tested because, by day six, he had died.”

Medicynical note: How fitting, the man who denied the data and refused to accept that the epidemic was real, now, instantly, becomes a self proclaimed medical expert……..a bad one. And yes, you have a lot to lose.

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