Asleep at the Wheel: hunches and hoaxes

Even though officials knew since mid-January that hospitals in China were being overwhelmed by patients who required ventilators, getting the attention of the president and other top officials proved difficult. Instead, the federal government left much of the responsibility to acquire supplies to the states, creating a messy patchwork that saw governors outbid each other for desperately needed equipment. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump seemed to spend more time dismissing talk of the virus as exaggerated and some of his top health officials downplayed the risk to Americans.”

Medicynical note: Our leadership (sic) was too busy first calling a pandemic a hoax and then relying on ignorant hunches to prepare.

Trump continues to deny and mismanage. He tells governors that they are in charge and then publicly undercuts them. I wonder whether he learned this management style in college or from his multiple failed businesses.

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