We erred– but we won’t ever hear it from Trump

Asleep at the wheel, playing ignorant hunches and expecting miracles, the president and his band of incompetents ignored their experts and were unprepared for the epidemic.

Medicynical note: And now our leader wants to call off the community distancing/ isolation strategy after 15 days and return America to work. Such experts as a demented Texan, a two bit second rate church affiliated private college owner and Glenn Beck think it fine to kill off the vulnerable in our society in the name of stock market prices. Now I’m not a believer but I do wonder whether the any religion’s deity or belief system would condone the notion of money having precedence over human lives. Just wondering if sacrificing the most vulnerable in our society is part the “theological” values we hear so much about? Just wondering.

I should hasten to note that I believe the people I know would not ascribe to this amoral principles

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