Staggering Malfeasance

“”The administration has repeatedly and systematically corroded critical parts of the CDC,” Sellers said. “This was just begging for an epidemic to hit us. It was a perfect storm of lack of preparation.””

“Sellers added: “It’s kind of incredible they are now trying to rewrite history to say we have plenty of resources when they’ve systematically targeted them. They should be held responsible by the American people as it is outrageous.””

“Donald Trump initially reacted to the onward march of coronavirus by calling it a “hoax” before then, also inaccurately, claiming that the US had completely contained the disease.”

“The president has since declared a national state of emergency but the federal response has been dogged by a severe lack of testing, a dearth of crucial medical supplies such as ventilators and false and misleading statements by Trump over the need to avoid large gatherings of people.”

Medicynical note: Sadly, this is what happens when you elect an incompetent sociopath as your leader. Yes it’s bad luck that covid-19 emerged but maybe in the end if Trump is force out of office……one way or another…..there will be a greater good. He is a cancer.

I’m not particularly enthused by the other septuagenarian candidates but I guess beggars can’t be choosers and defeating Trump is the first priority.

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