What can be Worse Than Dying?

Donald doesn’t want the cure to be worse than the problem. To Trump the problem is the steep stock-market decline brought about by his late acceptance of the existence of a pandemic. He was slow to react and inadequately prepared the country for it. To M.D.s the problem is the thousands of people with the infection, caring for those needing hospitalization and prevention of further spread.

Donald’s cure is for the stock market, not the pandemic. He has a hunch and because he is a very very smart and it appears that he plans to over-rule his medical experts. That’s a big mistake.

Medicynical note: The man is a supreme egotist who has taken corporations into bankruptcy 5 times and in his first term in office during his self-proclaimed best economy ever, he doubled the governments budget deficit to the highest ever (in good times). He knows nothing of infectious diseases and can’t understand the difference between .1% and 1%. He has no judgment. The best advice for him is to follow his medical advisors suggestions rather than his own “hunches.”

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