Trump Chaos– What the Hell Did You Expect?

“On Sunday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York made a public appeal for the federal government to take over the distribution of critical goods, arguing that Mr. Trump’s insistence last week that states should find the medical equipment for themselves was turning into a senseless free-for-all.”

Yet, in declining to actually make use of the Korean War-era production act that he invoked last week, Mr. Trump is also avoiding taking personal responsibility for how fast the acute shortages of personal protective gear and lifesaving equipment are addressed.”

“”Don’t get into this mad bidding war,” Mr. Cuomo said, noting that the federal reticence was resulting in huge price surges, hoarding and shortages in some of the hardest-hit locales, including New York City.”

Medicynical note: Having 50 states compete with each other for rare resources is an invitation to disaster. Trump accepts responsibility for ……..NOTHING.

He fired his epidemic response teams in the NSC and CDC two years ago; cut funding and removed a CDC person from the Chinese equivalent of the CDC in 2019, thereby losing the early warning of the epidemic in China; ignored the epidemic as it evolved because of a uninformed hunch; refuses to centralize the nation’s response to a nationwide disaster. He’s literally killing us.

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