Congrats to us: It’s The Trump Recession

Some are still in denial, continuing in a tradition of the Trump Republican Party.

It’s a sad fact that the Republican Party and it’s president destroyed the infrastructure in the NSC and CDC set up to anticipate and respond to epidemics. Trumps tariffs have destroyed our businesses access to foreign markets and his doubling of our government’s financial deficits during what was a “good”economy makes more difficult the further deficits required to tide us over a deep recession. It will be known as the Trump recession.

Medicynical note: Without a bit of irony Trump has proposed further cuts to the CDC and NIH budgets just this year. And with a great deal of irony and incompetence (for which he will be evermore known) Trump denied there was a serious epidemic until just a day or two ago further slowing the response. His administrations ineptitude has created a medical and economic disaster. Vote.

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