85 deaths, doubled in two days

After a slow start people are taking social isolation seriously.

For those of you intent on denying the seriousness of this outbreak there were 4600 or so cases. With deaths at 85 this AM almost double that of two days ago, the death rate is around 1.8% which is, as Dr. Fauci has noted is 10 times or more that of our yearly flu. From the Hopkins site there have been about 185,000 confirmed cases world wide and 7300 deaths or a death rate of 3.9%.

At this point the epidemic in the US is in an early stage. The numbers, however, are alarming.

Medicynical note: The best advice at this point is to isolate yourself from others, particularly those in your family who are in the high risk groups (i.e. immune compromised and/or elderly over age 60) and stop listening to the minimizing evil doers of FOX news et.al.

They are politically motivated have been wrong since the epidemic started. Their propaganda contributed to the denial in which our President dwelled for almost two months and our nation’s criminally slow response to the epidemic.

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