Trump’s Absurd Conspiracy Theory

Jeffrey Epstein apparently committed suicide rather than face trial. But our psychopath president had other ideas.

“Hours after Epstein’s death Saturday, as the hashtag #EpsteinMurder was trending worldwide on Twitter, the president joined Twitter speculation around Epstein’s death while under the federal government’s watch.”

“Trump, who rose to conservative prominence by falsely claiming Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., retweeted unsubstantiated claims about Epstein’s death.”

“Other politicians also took to social media to question the circumstances.”

Medicynical Note: So while under the watchful eye of the Trump administration’s Justice Department; in a facility under the supervision of Trump appointee Attorney General William Barr, Epstein was, it is speculated, actually murdered. By whom? Trump and his acolytes accuse and blame everybody but themselves. Senseless, but that’s what the world has learned to expect from this erratic, dangerous, incompetent President, his associates and the sad sack republicans.

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