Of Course the Media Was Right

“But mostly what makes the report seem old news is that it is … mostly old news. That is, the report produced by the special counsel’s office consists in large part of details confirming reports that have circulated for months, or years. And that’s really the biggest news of the week—we were right. Christopher Steele was right. The FBI agents who suspected Trump’s campaign was reaching out to Russia were right. Reports that Michael Flynn, and Donald Trump Jr, and Jared Kushner were trying to build a “back channel” for secret communications with the Kremlin were right. Stories that the Paul Manafort shared private polling data with a Russian agent were right. The reports about Carter Page were right. The reports about George Papadopoulos were right. The stories about Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to build a giant tower complete with personal space for Vladimir Putin and an Ivanka-branded spa were right. And every story of Trump trying to hide evidence, destroy evidence, suborn perjury, and simply end the investigation … they were all right.

Medicynical note: The purveyors of Trump’s news were of the FOX, Limbaugh and Breibart ilk. It turns out they dissemble, distort and invent…………really really fake news.

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