Women and Children pay first: Cuts to WIC program pay for Tax Cut to the Wealthiest

This apparently is the new American way. The proposed cuts are based on bogus analysis:

In deriving the 40 percent figure, the Committee apparently misunderstood a finding in a federal Agriculture Department (USDA) report that for every $1 in federal WIC funds spent for WIC foods in 2006, another

  • 41 cents in federal funds went for administrative costs plus WIC nutrition services. But: 41 cents out of $1.41 in expenditures equals 29 percent, not 41 percent; and
  • over two-thirds of that 29 percent goes not for administrative costs but instead for core WIC services such as breastfeeding support, nutrition education, smoking cessation support, diet and health assessments, substance abuse screening and education, and referrals for immunizations and other needed care.

Medicynical Note: Strange but true. The sad state of the U.S. economy allows such travesties. We’ve sold our soul to the……..banks, corporations and such.

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