Reality in Iowa? Crossing the Border for Health Care

Interesting editorial in the Des Moines Registeron traveling for care:

It simply isn’t true. The United States does not lead the pack on health care.

Not according to the World Health Organization, which ranks health care systems of countries all over the world.

Not according to the millions of uninsured Americans who likely think Canadians waiting for elective knee or hip replacements have it pretty good. Most Americans who are uninsured cannot be examined by a family practice doctor or receive mental health treatment or surgery or medications because they cannot afford to pay for them. That is the definition of rationing medical services in a country that spends more on health care than any country on the planet. (Medicynical emphasis)


The most obvious example are the thousands who fill prescriptions at pharmacies in other countries. They may drive across the border or use an Internet pharmacy.


According to one study, 750,000 Americans traveled abroad for health care in 2007 — almost double the number of nonresidents who came to the United States for treatment. Americans, particularly younger ones, head oversees for such services as stem-cell treatments, cosmetic surgery, or tubal ligations. They go elsewhere because it is cheaper.

Medicynical Note: America’s self-delusion does show signs of ending.

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