Improving Health Care: Women’s life expectancy falls

For years our, the U.S. non-healthcare system’s emphasis has been on treatment. We go to extremes at great cost and have little benefit in terms of survival of our population. For example, women, “in large swaths of the U.S. are dying younger than they were a generation ago”.

But over the last decade, the nation has experienced a widening gap between the most and least healthy places to live. In some parts of the United States, men and women are dying younger on average than their counterparts in nations such as Syria, Panama and Vietnam.

Overall the United States is falling further behind other industrialized nations, many of which have also made greater strides in cutting child mortality and reducing preventable deaths.

Medicynical note: We spend more per capita by a wide margin on health care but we forgot that preventing disease offers more benefits (at lower price) than treatment. Meanwhile we reap the consequences of smoking and obesity in our population.

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