Cancer Care Costs

Nice article in NEJM on an approach to limiting the cost of cancer care:

The authors note that cancer care costs are rising rapidly and are unsustainable:

from $104 billion in 20061 to over $173 billion in 2020 and beyond.2 This increase has been driven by a dramatic rise in both the cost of therapy and the extent of care. In the United States, the sales of anticancer drugs are now second only to those of drugs for heart disease, and 70% of these sales come from products introduced in the past 10 years. Most new molecules are priced at $5,000 per month or more, and in many cases the cost-effectiveness ratios far exceed commonly accepted thresholds. (medicynical emphasis) This trend is not sustainable.

The authors suggest five strategies to control costs. They are basic and can be easily incorporated into oncologic practices. Whether they will be adopted or not is an open question. Read the article!!

One response to “Cancer Care Costs

  1. As a cancer/ treatment survivor, I couldn’t agree more! I refused all adjuvant therapy to the tune of 100,000 dollars. After much research decided the absolute benefit was not worth the absolute risk to my quality of life. Cancer is a business and Big Pharma is making big profits at the expense of the patients. I am 3 and 5 years out and the ticker is still good which it very likely might not have been with the chemo and Herceptin.

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