Campath for Multiple Sclerosis — A Primer on Drug Marketing

This from Bnet is enough to make a Medicynic’s day:

If Campath is approved for MS, Genzyme would face several choices, both moral and economic:

It could rebrand Campath as an MS drug and sell it in MS-dose-sized ampules for thousands of dollars more. But that would lead to an uproar from MS sufferers who would know they’re being exploited. And it might lead to doctors splitting up 30mg ampules intended for CLL patients and diverting the supply to MS patients.

It could leave Campath at the same price for CLL — but that would destroy the existing MS drug market and drug companies are generally loathe to implode lucrative disease categories when they present themselves.

It could withdraw the drug completely for CLL but promise to continue supplying those patients free of charge, and then relaunch Campath as an expensive MS-only product. That might prevent MS patients migrating to diverted CLL doses, but it would also be controversial.

Medicynic: How about providing an effective drug at minimal cost

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