Costs, Wages and Health Care

This article from the Washington Post is one of the best in explaining the health care disaster we are facing. It is a perfect storm of increasing expectations, increasing costs, and stagnant income.

Some interesting tidbits:

Since 2001, premiums for family health coverage have increased 78 percent, according to a 2007 report by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Premiums averaged $12,106, of which workers paid $3,281, according to the report.”

“Even though workers are producing more, inflation-adjusted median family income has dipped 2.6 percent — or nearly $1,000 annually since 2000.” (emphasis by medicynic)

“Nearly nine out of 10 firms that responded to a National Association of Manufacturers survey last year named the cost of health insurance as one of their top-three worries — ranking it higher than government regulation, competition from imports or finding qualified employees.”

The question is whether we can make a progressive change in health care and finally have a system that provides a basic mix of services to our people. We’ll see!

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