Priorities, Priorities, Priorities

“Bush administration officials say they are worried about the growing costs of the effort (ed: to fund care for children in the U.S.), which gives about $5 billion in grants to states yearly. The president announced this month that the program should be shrunk”

This from the Congressional Budget Office on the cost of war:

“In addition to funding for defense activities, lawmakers since 2001 have appropriated just over $34 billion for diplomatic operations and foreign aid to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries that are assisting the United States in the war on terrorism. Including the $5 billion provided in 2004 to the State Department for Iraqi security forces, funding since 2001 for activities related to international affairs totals about $40 billion. About half of that amount, $21 billion, was appropriated for the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund. “

More on the cost of this war?

“The $151.1 billion spent by the U.S. government on the war could have cut world hunger in half and covered HIV/AIDS medicine, childhood immunization and clean water and sanitation needs of the developing world for more than two years.”

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