More on Bush’s Plan

This from Rashi Fein (the entire piece is worth reading):

“Put simply, the administration believes we are millions and millions of individuals not bound together into a society. But medical care is just another good or service that we purchase as we will in the marketplace subject to normal market forces. The proposal is the antithesis of a point of view that states that we are a society of individuals who are in it together; who assist each other through an instrument called government, and who look to government in fields like education and health care that we feel should be available to all. “Sharing” is not what this administration is about and sharing risk (don’t think alone of health insurance or Social Security; think of risks and sacrifices associated with Iraq) is not one of its goals. Rather, it seeks to take apart many of the societal protections that were erected by earlier administrations and respected by Presidents of both parties.”

“The pity is that there are real problems with our health care sector: real people without insurance, real issues of access and of quality, real problems of chronic illness and long-term care, real fiscal issues for Medicare. Those are the problems that need to be addressed and that are best addressed on a comprehensive basis. Yet, the President has elected not to devote his energy and some of his remaining political capital to those real and pressing issues. One hopes we will not be deflected from those issues into a time and energy consuming debate around a proposal whose merits are few and whose deficiencies are many.”

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