Church Based Medicine–the stem cell photo op

In regard to stem cells the unholy trinity are quoted to observe:

Rev. Pat Robertson: “Before long, we’ll be harvesting body parts from fully formed people. Once you begin this…utilitarian use of cells, then everything is up for grabs.”

Rev. Jerry Falwell: “…the President was right to ban federal money going to this dangerous and unethical research.”

James Dobson: “Experiments on the blastocytes, which are fertilized eggs, has a Nazi-esque aura to it.”

Our president is planning to veto a bill which would make more stem cell lines available to research. Without research we’ll never know the possibilities of treatment and cures from this modality. What’s next, banning in-vitro technology because of the large attrition rate? Banning vasectomy oophorectomy and contraception because they artificially deny erstwhile sperm and eggs their manifest destiny?

There is nothing dangerous, unethical or naziesque about using stem cells to treat medical problems. A theocracy on the other hand is all of that.

Sadly this whole business seems to be another opportunity for politicians to posture for their base without coming to grips with real issues. From a medicynical viewpoint politicians should be more concerned with our moribund, expensive, mediocre health care system.

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