Santos: An Incompetent Liar….and not the only one

George Santos is an incompetent liar. He is literally unemployable. So what does it mean when he is elected to the U.S. Congress, a body in which he is not the only or first lying incompetent? What does it say about our electorate that we elect liars and tolerate their incompetency?

This is not a political appointee who happens to be a simpleton like Chance in the Peter Sellers film Being There. No this is a full blown representative who votes on legislation, who was appointed to committees and who appears to be a full blown if not respected member of a very conservative republican caucus. What does this say about conservative America?

Medicynical Note: Nothing this man says can be accepted as fact without careful confirmation. But maybe that is the state of American politics today. After all we survived, barely, Donald Trump’s 30,000+ lies over 4 years during his tenure in office……and he is running again.

What does it all say about the state of the so-called Union?

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