Incompetent Policing: Colorado Springs Slaughter

“But the law that allows guns to be removed from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others has seldom been used in the state, particularly in El Paso County, home to Colorado Springs, where the 22-year-old Aldrich allegedly went into Club Q with a long gun just before midnight and opened fire before he was subdued by patrons.’

“”If the justice system had followed through with something, anything … he wouldn’t likely have had access to be able to get a weapon and five people wouldn’t have died,” Bowman said.”

Medicynical Note: Given the dereliction of duty by the Chief of Police and his office I would hope the victims of this preventable massacre force the firing of the chief and obtain massive compensation from the city and county for their loss.

This only happens in the U.S. where guns are cheap and available to anyone; where our police forget the protect part of their duty while cashing their paychecks; where children in school live in fear; where innocents are regularly slaughtered (over 600 mass shootings this year). This happens rarely if ever elsewhere. That’s a fact.

It’s not that we have more mental health problems than elsewhere, it’s not the doors; it’s not the founders (they’d be appalled); in most cases it’s not police incompetence; ITS THE GUNS.

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