Guns, Fear, Death and Irony in Permitless-Carry America

Supreme Court Justice Alito recently said he felt “threatened by unarmed people as they used their first amendment rights to protest court decisions.

Meanwhile around the U.S. more and more states are implement the court’s permitless-carry rulings and more people around the country openly carry weapons.

Medicynical Note: Parenthetically this is a freedom created by the same conservative Supreme Court justices that now say they live in fear of being shot, in part, because of it.

Police, as a group inexplicably seem to favor all “2nd amendment rights,” including open carry. But ironically or tragically they are one of the groups at greatest risk from this “freedom.”

America leads the industrialized world in police deaths from guns, and people, innocents and perps, being shot by police. We also are the industrial world leaders in all other gun deaths including accidental shootings, mass shootings, school shootings, suicides by guns, armed assaults and robberies.

Each year local governments, pay out millions of dollars to innocents and their survivors and bystanders erroneously shot by police using excess force…..often because they work and live in fear of being shot themselves.

And all this is based on a constitutional amendment and tradition that arguably had it’s origin in slavery and racism. This is American freedom?

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