Guns, Guns, Guns

In the industrialized world only America equates freedom with gun access and ownership. It’s getting worse thanks to our conservative Supreme Court voiding any restrictions on gun ownership. New rulings complicate the problem even further.

“A judge in West Virginia this month cited the Supreme Court case when he struck down a federal law that required guns to have serial numbers. So did a judge in Texas who ruled last month that people under criminal indictments can still possess guns, and a judge who this month tossed New York’s prohibitions on carrying concealed firearms in Times Square, summer camps, subways and theaters.”

“More than a dozen other challenges to gun control laws are pending in federal courts, which legal experts say could leave holes in efforts to curb gun violence and the use of weapons in crimes.”

Medicynical note: In the U.S. with it’s guns everywhere for everyone policies, police are terrified that their response to the next traffic stop or domestic dispute or any citizen contact will result in a weaponized altercation. They treat everything as if they are at risk. Mistakes are regularly made, innocents as well as officers tragically shot and the public bears the often costly legal and moral ramifications.

The U.S. leads the industrialized world in gun murders, accidental shootings, accidental shooting by children and of children, gun suicides, police shootings, policemen getting shot, mass shootings and school shootings.

And somehow this sick partially demented (IMHO) Supreme Court Majority think this is what the founders intended (for what that’s worth 250 years later).

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