A Rotted Hulk

McCarrick, 90, was defrocked by Francis last year after a Vatican investigation confirmed decades of allegations that the globe-trotting envoy and successful church fundraiser had sexually molested adults as well as children. The Vatican had reports from authoritative figures dating back to 1999 that McCarrick’s behavior was problematic, yet he continued to rise to become an influential cardinal, kingmaker and emissary of the Holy See’s “soft diplomacy.””

Medicynical note: Yes, I know we’re supposed to defer to religiosity no matter how flawed. But The Catholic Church is a special case. Yes the ritual can be view as timeless and moving but the church itself is a rotting hulk. After all, for centuries, apparently even our current one, it has condoned and hidden abusive behavior of clergy towards women and children on every continent even elevating deniers and abusers to “sainthood.” In the U.S. it wields absurd power considering that five Supreme Court justices (a majority of the court) and the attorney general are conservative true believer members of this archaic relic of the Middle Ages.

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